Strange Forces



In Doskvol, common parlance calls anything supernatural or disturbing a “devil.” Ghosts, demons, witches, sorcerers, and the summoned horrors of ancient rituals are all devils.

“Take the devil’s bargain,” people say, when they know something is too good to be true.

While it is certain that supernatural powers exist, they are not innate to human beings. Humans are mortal, material, flesh-and-blood creatures, just as the rest of the natural world. To wield arcane abilities, humanity must harness strange forces in various ways.


It’s said that the cataclysm that shattered the earth, banished the sun, and turned the seas to black ink was caused by a sorcerer who consorted with demons and tore down the Gates of Death. But who believes such ancient tales? Whatever the truth of it, one thing is certain: when a body dies, its spirit does not disperse as they once did long ago. It becomes a ghost: a spectral entity composed of electroplasmic vapors.


A ritual is a lost art of sorcery from before the cataclysm. Unlike modern arcane techniques that utilize the scientific application of electroplasmic energies, rituals depend on strange occult powers and entities to realize their effects. To enact a ritual is to come into contact with these abyssal forces and entreat them to do your will. It is a practice not without considerable risk.


Alchemy is the art of distilling weird chemical mixtures.


Spark-craft is the fusion of alchemy with technological engineering.

Strange Forces

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