• The Akorosian language, or “Imperial”, is considered the common tongue. It’s expressive, nuanced, and verbose—perfect for sprawling poetry or meticulous legal documents.
  • Skovic is the mother tongue of Skovlan across the sea. Many Skovlanders live in Duskwall and their clipped, direct speech can be heard wherever they’re found. The ancient name of the city comes from an old Skovic word, do’skov’ol, literally meaning “the Skov’s coal mine.”
  • Hadrathi is an ancient tongue found in musty old tomes but still spoken among some people, particularly Iruvians. Many people favor its elaborate, scathing expletives.

Doskvol is a mix of many cultures and traditions, and, as most cities, exhibits a paradoxical fusion of cosmopolitan rapport and tribalistic strife. 

The most common heritage in Doskvol is Akorosi, whose people and cultures resemble the diverse groups across Western and Eastern Europe. A land of dark, petrified forests and rocky hills, Akoros is the largest and most industrialized land in the Imperium, and is home to the capitol city as well as Doskvol. The rich coastal cities get their wealth from leviathan hunting and from mining colonies deep inland. The Akorosi are sometimes called “Imperials” since the Imperium began there. They are generally fair-skinned and dark haired.

Second most common are the Skovlanders, the original indigenous people of the north. A ragged land of cold mountains and rough tundra just across the sea from Doskvol. Skovlan was the last holdout against Imperial control, over the course of the 36-year Unity War (which ended only a few years ago). Many Skovlander refugees have come to the city throughout the Unity War, building up a very large population of laborers, skilled crafts-people, and other trades of the working-class. Some Akorosi look down on the Skovlanders as traitors to the Empire and treat them poorly. They are generally pale-skinned and fair haired or red haired.

Third are the Iruvians, a powerful and wealthy dominion in the south. A land of black deserts obsidian mountains, and raging volcanoes, some say that positions of power are openly held by demons in Iruvia. They maintain an influential consulate in Duskwall and keep a close eye on their portion of the leviathan hunter fleet. Iruvians are generally amber-skinned and dark haired.

The Dagger Islands are a tropical archipelago covered in dense jungle growth, now turned dark and twisted from the strange magic of the cataclysm. Dagger Islanders often grow up on ships and travel a lot before settling down. They’re known as rootless wanderers, corsairs and merchants. Some say that they live without lightning barriers. How do they manage that? Native islanders are generally copper-skinned and dark haired.

Severos is a place considered “wild” by the rest of the empire A land of windswept plains, it is covered in dark scrub and thorny growths. Outside the Imperial cities on the coast, some native Serverosi still live in free tribes, scavenging the death-lands on their ghost-hunting horses. Severosi are generally brown-skinned and dark haired.

Tycheros is a semi-mythical place, far away beyond the northern void sea. People say the Tycherosi (rudely called “Strangers”) have demon blood in their lineage. All Tycherosi possess a demonic telltale (like black shark eyes, feathers instead of hair, etc.).


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