The Haunted City



Every living thing in the Shattered Isles has evolved a sensitivity to the invisible “other world” that presses always against the edges of perception—the strange dimension that erupted during the cataclysm, known as the ghost field. By focusing their mind in a certain way, a human can attune to the ghost field to perceive partially into it, to sense the echoes of real-world events captured in the field, or to make a connection to ghosts and spectral energy. 

Some people see attunement as a normal part of life—a new human sense that is natural and advantageous. Others see attunement as a vile act, connecting with the dark forces that once destroyed the world, and who still lurk in the shadows, always ready to prey upon the unwary or power-hungry.

Every citizen of Duskwall has had at least one harrowing encounter with a rogue spirit, sometimes many more. Most spectral encounters in the city fall into one of five types:

  • Echoes are “loops” of behavior captured in the ghost field, repeating over and over. They have no will of their own, but are still dangerous because of the electrical discharge of their plasmic forms. They sometimes spontaneously manifest at the site of an extremely violent event, whether or not death was involved.
  • Specters are malevolent spirits seeking to possess a victim to drain its essence and to take vengeance upon those who they believe wronged them in life.
  • Horrors are non-human electroplasmic entities that live within the ghost field. They’re very rare within the city, but are common in the deathlands beyond the lightning barriers.
  • Reconciled are ghosts that have stayed sane and do not crave life essence or vengeance as Specters do. Reconciled are extremely rare—some spectrologists don’t believe they exist at all.
  • Spirit Wells are rifts in the veil of reality where ghosts and other supernatural beings congregate to draw energy. In ancient myth, a spawning ground for demons.

These entities, while terrifying and strange, are a fact of life in the dark world of the Empire. Citizens still go about their business amidst supernatural horrors everyday, clutching their spiritbane charms, mumbling a half-remembered invocation to a forgotten god, and never hesitating to call upon the services of a professional Whisper if the situation becomes dire.

The Haunted City

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